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I like to travel light, so whether I'm designing or writing, it's always done on my 11" MacBook Air using Sketch App or iA Writer. I couldn't live without my tools. When my MacBook is in the overhead locker I use my iPad Mini.

I also code (vanilla, no frameworks). I founded a creative studio and spent several years designing and coding for startups, but the lack of freedom edged me further towards writing. I've not left my interests behind, though, because I write about design and code frequently. In fact, Sketch App has become a specializing topic of mine!

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About Me

Erm, lets see

What apps I use

Other than Sketch and iA Writer, I also use Dropbox to sync my work between devices. I use Serif's Affinity Photo for image-editing as I'm not really a fan of of Photoshop's bulky interface. I also adore Wunderlist for managing almost every aspect of my life, Slack for communication, FiftyThree's Paper for quick iteration of ideas, Evernote Skitch for annoting screenshots, for interactions, Screenium 3 for making screencasts, Noizio for keeping me sane, Apple Music for when Noizio isn't enough noize; and finally, for code editing.

Where I hang out

You can hit me up on Facebook or Twitter (links above), but also I like to engage on Nomad List. If you're a fellow nomad you can also contact me directly on #hashtagnomad - see what I'm up to and what city I'm currently in.

Interesting facts about me

I have Type 1 diabetes. Without injecting insulin a few times a day I'll become quite ill (*tear*), so I usually try to avoid sugar. Since leaving home I've tried to be healthier, learn meditation and exercise more; so lets see how long that lasts! Less interesting: I'm 25, I travel with my wife, and I'm currently trying to turn my design studio into a content studio that writes articles, books and magazines about design.