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Macbook Air, Sketch App, iA Writer

My Work/Tools

I love to travel light, so whether I'm writing or designing, it's always done on my 13" MacBook Air using Adobe XD or Sketch (for designing) or iA Writer (for writing). My entire life is organised in Wunderlist, and I mostly communicate via Slack.

I also code (no frameworks), and I use for that, but I spend most of my time writing words now. Right now I'm co-editor of design at SitePoint, and I write for some of the biggest design blogs in the world + .net Magazine. I'm also a 4x author (2x print, 2x digital) and I've personally collaborated with big-name design companies such as Sympli and InVision App.

My Publishers

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Daniel Schwarz—SitePoint AuthorDaniel Schwarz—Sympli AuthorDaniel Schwarz—Creative Market Author

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About Me

Erm, lets see

Apps I use

FiftyThree for iteration and sketching
Sketch (or XD) for user interface design
Affinity Photo for image-editing
Invision + Craft for prototyping
Sympli for design handoff

Brackets for code editing

iA Writer for writing in Markdown
Skitch annotating screenshots
Screenium 3 creating screencasts
Zoommy for stock image search
Trello for managing content
Draftin for editing/v.control

Airbnb for finding accomodation
Revolut for cross-currency spending
Transferwise for cc transactions

Creative Market for design resources

Slack for communication
Spark for better mail
Alfred for spotlight productivity
Wunderlist for managing tasks
Noizio for background noise
Spotify for when I need more noise

Interesting facts about me

I have Type 1 diabetes. Without injecting insulin a few times a day I'll become quite ill (*tear*), so I usually try to avoid sugar (lies). Since leaving home I've tried to be healthier, learn meditation and exercise more; so lets see how long that lasts (update: didn't last). Less interesting: I'm 27, I travel with my wife, and I'm currently trying to turn my design studio into a content studio that creates content centered around writing, design, food and travel (update: currently writing my 4th book!).

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